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Established in 2011, Vintage Origami was created by the award-winning designer Yuriko Izumi. She was named ‘Best in BC’ as an event designer and continues to win as the ‘Best Event Designer in Kelowna’ voted by the public year after year. She has created over 400+ events in the Okanagan and she specializes in curating unique and fully customized wedding decor and event design. With meticulous attention to detail, her team prides themselves on crafting experiences that are tailored to meet the specific needs and desires representing each of their clients.


Weddings and couples should never have to compromise with a cookie cutter event. You should love your decor years down the road and you should be able to say the design aligns with your personal taste and personality. Vintage Origami focuses on weddings here in the Okanagan and Yuriko is the first to tear up during your vows. Vintage Origami is owner operated and Yuriko is hands on in planning the design with all the special details. She believes in keeping the quantity of events to a minimum each season so she can be there in person to attend to all the decorating herself.


Whether it is a baby shower, anniversary, special birthday or grand opening we love the challenge to think outside the box from the usual wedding event to create your specific design needs. We love the challenge to create a setting that is warm and inviting and to play off of a unique theme for each of the events we design. Originality is the key to success and creating installations that will be a conversation piece between attendees. Our inventory is vast and our creative ideas are always brewing.


Vintage Origami has found itself branching into corporate events quite often with the many workshops, conferences and corporate galas that are hosted here in the Okanagan. Yes, we know how to do ‘pretty’ really really well but we are also up to the challenge to make your unique theme a conversation for years to come at your company’s next event. Whether it’s a nationwide gala at ‘The Marriott Delta Grand’ or a festive office Christmas party at ‘50th Parallel Winery’ we certainly have had our share of fun in designing these corporate events in Kelowna and the surrounding Okanagan.


Now for my favourite part! Custom unique installations are undoubtedly our favourite part of the job description and seeing these creations come to life. This would not be possible without our talented builders. These installations are often large backdrops or vignettes that are tedious for our builders to create but they are worth the laborious process. The end results are large, interactive, show stopping creations that will definitely stop the attendees in their tracks. The best result is a lineup of guests taking photos in front of our creative installations. The options are endless….

There really are no words to describe the amazing work that Yuriko does. When Devon and I first started talking about our wedding, we quickly decided that we wanted it to have a warm ambience that was full of romance and charm, with lots of details that reflected both of us as individuals and as a couple – something we knew we couldn’t do on our own. We kept stumbling upon beautiful Kelowna weddings on several wedding blogs – each one crediting Vintage Origami – and after seeing Yuriko’s work on her website, we knew that she would be able to make our vision (or lack there of!) a reality. What we didn’t know, was just how personalized and unique Yuriko’s creation would be; all done with genuine enthusiasm, grace, and artistry. Yuriko took all of our mix-mashed ideas, and created the most incredibly stunning scene for our ceremony and reception which I definitely shed several tears over when I saw it for the first time! Our family and friends are still gushing over the many details. Her talents far exceeded every expectation, hope, and dream that we had for our wedding day – such a wonderful way for us to start the next phase of our lives together!

-Devon & Adrianne

Meet Yuriko

Yuriko was born in Saskatoon but raised internationally between the Saskatchewan Prairies, Texas and Hong Kong. After globe trotting for a number of years she settled in Kelowna in 2010 when she started her event design business called Vintage Origami. She considers herself fortunate as she found a career where she is able to get deeply invested into the lives of her clients. Whether she is designing an event or working as a decorator in the film industry she has found a niche that meets her need to create and express herself artistically. Even more she is fulfilled by the challenge to design for others and bring joy to clients on their most special occasions. Yuriko loves to experience new restaurants with great ambience, she is obsessed with her teacup puppy named Gyoza, she is a lover of buttered popcorn from the theatre and her drink of choice is a matcha latte bubble tea with extra boba. Yuriko could not accomplish her work without the incredible support of her team. She’s had the opportunity to work alongside some incredible hardworking, talented, creative, gracious and loyal crew that she doesn’t consider as employees as they are now referred to as family.

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